Our work with Shawn Sommer aims to give the best possible technology tools to our members. He is an accomplished programmer who has also the ability of concept and design to make all of his products user friendly, which is a rare skill. He has worked closely with us over the past 5 years. Shawn Sommer is highly respected within our leadership and membership, his experience as a previous licensed Broker shows in development and implementation raising productivity and profitability levels of our members. What we appreciate most about working with Shawn, is his ability to deliver the expected results and then some.

Beate Jones, Chief Executive Officer, REALTOR® Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach, Inc.

I use it a lot, because it is quicker than MLS!!! I will try to get some feedback from my clients who may be using it and let you know what they think. For what its worth, I love it!


I want to thank you for the web site you set up for me.  I have been getting great reviews from clients who have viewed it.  The MLS search features are very user friendly, and I particularly like the “Draw on the Map” search feature.

I use my own web site more than I use Rappatoni to send listings to interested clients.

Thanks again.



Thank you for creating a great new website for my real estate brokerage. It is refreshing to deal with a very professional company that offers local knowledge, personal service, and a very “top notch” finished product. Your attention to detail is hard to find in today’s business environment.
I would be happy to confirm my satisfaction with your product to any future prospective clients.
Best of luck.


Over the past two years I have invested poorly in two other web site companies/developers prior to finding Agent Vitals.  After loosing dollars, time and most likely business I finally got it right. Real Estate is my core business not learning how to design web sites.  Based on my prior mistakes, I was looking for a vendor that could give me several things:

  1. Get my site up and running within a week without me having to learn the website dashboard.
  2. Design a custom site specific to me and my company
  3. Embed the BEST search engine in the State
  4. Have a simple mobile solution that would work on my Blackberry
  5. Allow me to grow with my site as my business plan changes
  6. Allow me to change content on the fly
  7. Someone local that I could meet in person who would take the time to understand my objectives, and someone who understands the local market not someone over the phone from California

Agent Vitals/Direct Axess took the time to understand my business, my objectives and the message I wanted to convey.  Now that I have a good base for a website it is easy for me to make edits to content.  This is necessary for SEO optimization.  The hard part is done and I am up and running and feel confident in my abilities to leverage the web site in my marketing efforts.  I still continue from time-to-time to email the staff at Agent Vitals about questions and/or procedures and because they are committed to my success they are willing to assist me. They are a local company committed to high performance and customer satisfaction and for that they get an “A”.  I highly recommend them and wished I would have found them sooner.