About Us

We are multi faceted company that has been developing web based database solutions since 1998. Tired of the cold weather, Direct Axess was relocated to sunny southwest Florida in 2003. Our lead developer also had a Michigan Real Estate License and decided to get a Florida Real Estate Sales License and then a Florida Brokers License. This gives Direct Axess incredible insight into the Real Estate business which provides us with an advantage over other companies to develop the best Real Estate Websites and Tools in the industry.


Simple but Effective

Design products to be simple to use and still deliver valuable information.

Develop with Passion

If we do not Love it, no one else will. It is that simple.

Annihilate the Competition

Build a superior product and sell it for less.


Balance of God, Family and Work. Everything else works itself out.

Our philosophy is simple, we love God, our Family and our Work. We are blessed to have jobs that we love and it shows in the quality of the products we create and customer service that we deliver.

We believe that God gave us all unique talents and when we all work together and are fair and respectful to each other, then we all end up more successful than we could have ever hoped for.


  • Everything Real Estate
  • Website Design
  • Database Design
  • Custom Graphics
  • Creating Information From Data
  • Broker Coaching
  • Listing more would be bragging.