Shawn is OUTSTANDING!!!!! Always there to help answer when I have questions!!! Customer Service taken to the next level!!

Paulette Hamilton

Shaw's programs are powerful tools for all agents, new and experienced. Put them to work for you!

Marc St Martin

Shawn provides an excellent product at a very reasonable price. The tools are great and easy to use, and Listing Spy website offers features as standard that are extra $ from most providers. Best of all has been the exceptional customer support.


Dear Shawn and Direct Access Team,

I would like to compliment you to the great new Agent Web Site in your Agent 3000. I am a Realtor since almost 20 years and over the years I have used (and am using) different web sites. The new Listing spy web site is the most user friendly web site I know and my customers and potential costumers seem to like it a lot. It is live now since 2 days and I had over 400 visitors already including a few "sign ups" for property searches. I love the flexibility of the site, you can easy update (or add) contents and pictures, add menu items and adjust the quick search links. Have not watched one of the (assumable) "how to" videos, was able to make all the additions in just "doing" it.

Monika Wilson, Century 21 Sunbelt

Hi Shawn, Just wanted to let you know how fantastic we at the Surfside Office think Agent 3000 is. I can't praise it enough. Since Randy found out I was an IT Trainer in my previous life, one of my roles here in the office now is to train new agents on the MLS/appfiles/C21online. Agent 3000 is by far the easiest to use and the most effective. I know I mentioned to you that I timed myself while creating a open house flyer and the from logging on to sending it to print it took me 50 seconds! It's so user friendly even our most computer illiterate agents have no problems. Thanks for making our life easier!